Training on Climate-smart Development and Green Entrepreneurship

Training on Climate-smart Development and Green Entrepreneurship


Deadline for application: June 30th, 2016

Training location: CAMET Park, Noakhali, Bangladesh
Applicant confirmation date: July 7th, 2016
Payment deadline: July 31st, 2016
Training duration: August 25th – 28th, 2016

Host: Bangladesh Youth Environment Safeguard in collaboration with Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation Experiment & Training-CAMET Park


Climate change is a fundamental threat to sustainable development, with devastating impacts on agriculture, water resources, ecosystems, and human health. The evidence is clear that climate change is already hurting the poor. It is damaging infrastructure, threatening coastal communities, and depressing crop yields, as well as changing our oceans, jeopardizing fish stocks, and endangering species. Climate-Smart Development adding up the benefits of actions that help build prosperity, end poverty and combat climate change. It is also defined as with careful design, the same development projects that improve communities, save lives, and increase GDP can also fight climate change.


University Students,
Early career researchers,
Development professionals
And business professionals…
those who are interested in climate-smart development and green entrepreneurship research, business, knowledge learning and sharing, promoting green concept age between 35 years.

Participants Selection Process:

To select the training participants, a selection board containing experts from different independent institutions who are nationally and internally recognized scientists and researchers on climate smart development, green entrepreneurship are deployed. The board members will select participants following the online application across the world based on basic climate, motivation and potentiality.

Essential documents:

For Bangladeshi applicant: Not applicable

For foreign applicant:  Valid passport which should be valid for six months

Registration fee:

• Developed country (World Bank status) students is 200.00 USD and non-students is 400.00 USD
• Developing country (World Bank status) students is 100 USD and non-students is 200.00 USD
• Bangladesh students is 3000.00 BDT and non-students is 5000.00 BDT

Registration fee covers:

1) 4 days meals, snacks & tea/coffee
2) 3 nights accommodation
3) 4 day training
4) T-Shirt
5) Bag
6) Logistics (training booklet, manuals, notepad, pen, folders etc).
7) First aid
8) Certificate

Online form:

Event page:




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