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About Global Team

We’re looking for global team members from different country/region those who’re change maker, innovator, reformer and young students to lead their society and community for positive change. There are some activities of global team member will have to accomplished passionately to bring the positive change. Global team members of YEO will play the vital role in his/her country or community to empower the youth through reducing the lack of opportunity.

Volunteering with YEO will help you to identify lot of opportunities and help you to engage with different youth network around the world. The team will create the awareness among the youth about different opportunity around the world.


Eligibility to apply:

We believe, you have it!

  1. Only students are encouraged to be a member of YEO Global Team.
  2. Student aged must Between 15 to 29.
  3. Students those who’re active member or volunteer of any youth organization or community will be considered.
  4. Fluency in English language is required.


Very simple! You’ll enjoy it.

  1. Be always energetic and updated with YEOs global team through virtual communication.
  2. Share and spread the YEOs opportunity with youth community or organization to help each other as much as you can.
  3. Making a flow of transparent and reliable YEOs opportunity information which is center focus of YEO.
  4. Be respectful to the environment through making awareness of it among youths.
  5. Give us your weekly feedback to the YEO about what you’ve done that week for the youth and environment.


In point of fact, it’s a voluntary work. 

  1. You can access with your global team members those who’re from multi-cultural society and they’re outstanding youth of their own community.
  2. This voluntary work will help you to grow your skill on communications.
  3. You’ll be a unique a representative of the global youth society for your unique contribution.
  4. We’ll create mutual support through cultural and intellectual exchange.


Now, are you willing to apply??


Apply Now !

It will takes maximum 15 minutes to fill up the application form. You’ll be notified by YEO after a successful registration.